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Wreckage of La Pata army helicopter found in Musa Goth in Wind area of ​​Lasbella | Geo News Live


Published on 08/02/22 / In News & Politics

Wreckage of La Pata army helicopter found in Musa Goth in Wind area of ​​Lasbella | Geo News Live

Official News is a Pakistani news channel .
A bilingual news channel in English and Urdu.
Important Notice: Official News does indeed have the policy to retract copyright infringements for YouTube creators.
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1. PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari held hard hinting press conference
2. ARY News | Primer Time Headlines | 12 AM | 02nd August 2022
3. PML Anti Judiciary Campaign | CM Punjab Elections | Maryem Nawaz Press Conference
4. Tariq Cheema and salik Hussain Pressurized Chaudhry Shujaat not to vote for pervaiz elahi
5. Breaking News : Asif Ali zardari aur Nawaz Sherif ky darmiyan telephonic rabata
6. Imran khan gives nationwide protest call against CEC۔
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Imran Khan - People have given their verdict in favor of Imran Khan - Official NEWS - Pakistan Elections.
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