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Who Should Be Their Hero? | SPOKEN WORDS


Published on 07/25/22 / In Music

Who Should Be Their Hero?

Michael Jordan,
Easy E
or Snoop Dog
be your child’s
Could they effectively
teach them what’s
life has in stored.

Is it so hard
for you to see
that your child
is starving for
a positive
role model,
someone that they
could look up too
and to
one day follow?

What message
are you
sending your child
when you enjoy
sleeping around,
constantly uprooting them
to move from
town to town?

How about listening
to your child
when they
come home with
bad grades,
they are saying,
“Hold me,
love me
and take
better care of me,
because I am
a child who is
so afraid.”

It’s a shame
that today’s
kids have to
outsource for
their role model.
Just look into a mirror,
can you honestly say
that it’s you
that your child
should one day

stop outsourcing
what should be
your parental
your child doesn’t
live in a fantasy,
just like you
they live in
their REALITY.

Written allthemanuneed©

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