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toyota crown 2023 -an inside look


Published on 09/22/22 / In Entertainment

With the gorgeous build of the 2023 Crown, Toyota has ushered in a new era of upscale interiors.
In the past, Toyota has mainly been known for utilitarianism in many aspects. One of them being their interiors. They’re made to be used and abused while still being able to withstand the test of time. Most of the time, this means that there has not been much style or luxury associated with their interiors. But this all changes with the new 2023 Toyota Crown.

The Crown has been able to not only blur the lines between crossover and sedan, but also the lines between mainstream and luxury. This is largely shown in its interior and how well it was executed. The Crown is here to prove a lot of things for Toyota and the interior is one of the most key aspects.

A nicely appointed interior is key to the success of a car. Here is why the new Toyota Crown checks that box.

The 2023 Toyota Crown Has An Interior That Launches Toyota Into The Modern Era

Compared to years past, vehicle interiors have been changing at an even more rapid pace. This is largely thanks to the advancement of technology in vehicles today. Toyota has always been a brand that has been slightly behind the pack in terms of when they adopt new technologies in vehicles mainly for the sake of maintaining their impeccable reliability reputation. But nonetheless, their interiors have been more technologically sparse.

The Crown is one of the few pioneers in the Toyota lineup currently set to change that. It sports a 12.3-inch touchscreen as well as a digital gauge cluster that is not only a handsome setup, but also increases overall functionality. We have seen a shift in overall interior design for a lot of automakers going from a vertically oriented setup to a horizontally oriented setup. This not only looks better, but also gives auto brands an opportunity to incorporate larger screens and a more flow into the user interface. The Crown has accomplished this seamlessly with their large horizontal screens and piano style buttons below. We’d even go as far to say that the Crown’s inside bears strong resemblance to its upscale Lexus cousins.

The 2023 Toyota Crown Has Interior-Enhancing Features

Other than the overall style of the interior, there are plenty of creature comforts that the 2023 Crown offers. These enhance the feel when inside the Crown by giving customers what they want most. On the upper two trim levels, a large panoramic sunroof is standard as well as leather upholstery.

On the base XLE grade, you get Toyota’s Softex seats which are still a great alternative to traditional leather given that it has a similar feel. Being in the driver’s seat in the Crown means that you have access to the usual Toyota safety technology like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, but you also get added features such as an advanced parking system. This allows for the Crown to park itself with the push of a button while you just sit back and enjoy the nice interior.

Toyota is more methodical than it is quick with a lot of their products. At times, they may be late to the party, but they still always deliver in a big way. The 2023 Crown and its amazing interior is just one way Toyota proves this.

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