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The right speed to speak fluently like a native speaker #nativeenglishspeaker #fluencyinenglish


Published on 09/22/22 / In Other

Do you want to sound like a native speaker and you don't know the right speed for good articulation? however, this video is for you💕💕

#english #fluency #nativeenglish #speakingenglish #nativeenglishteacher #englishlessons

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Should I speak English fast or slowly ❓

Here👇 is a question I got in my inbox earlier this morning.

"Should I speak English quickly so that I can sound like the native English speakers or should I slow down❓"

And my answer was - it depends.

If you should speak quickly or slowly depends on your answers to these questions:

Am I speaking clearly ❓

What is the purpose of my speech❓

Who is listening to me❓

Do people ask me to repeat myself when I speak❓

Am I nervous or insecure❓

Am I pronouncing all the English sounds correctly, especially the ending consonant sounds❓

Am I using the right pattern of rhythm, stress, and intonation ❓

Your answers to these questions will help you know if you should speak fast or slow down.

Many English learners erroneously think that speaking eloquently/fluently means they need to speak fast or sound like natives.

I once thought so.

However, speaking at the right speed is one of the characteristics of an eloquent speech.

To speak ELOQUENTLY, speaking clearly with the right level of articulation is more important than speaking fast.

Sometimes you project inefficiency when
speaking too fast. And your audience might perceive you as being nervous and indecisive.

Also, there will be a high probability of making pronunciation and grammatical errors when you speak too fast.

When driving, it is said that speed kills❗
In my opinion, it is the same as speaking.

Funnily, some of the native English speakers cannot even speak correctly while speaking too rapidly. Even if they could, listeners would have trouble keeping up with them.

I have a lot to write about this because I was once a fast speaker. However, I will drop my pen here 🙈.

So, should you speak English fast or slowly to sound like native English speakers❓Is speaking like native English speakers the goal of good communication skills ❓

I await your response in the COMMENT SECTION.

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