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Sweet Semolina Pudding - A Healthy and Delicious Recipe | #food #viral #viralvideo


Published on 09/21/22 / In Health, Gym & Exercise

In this video, we're sharing a delicious and healthy recipe for Sweet Semolina Pudding. This pudding is perfect for a sweet breakfast or dessert, and it's sure to get you through your day!

If you're looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast or dessert, then you need to try this Semolina Pudding! It's sweet but healthy, and it'll leave you feeling satisfied all morning or all night long!
Calling all foodies! This healthy and delicious Semolina pudding is perfect for any time of day! Watch and enjoy as it rapidly goes viral on YouTube!
If you're in the mood for something delicious but healthy, then this Semolina pudding is just the dish for you! It's a delicious and healthy breakfast, dessert or snack that you'll love. So sit down and enjoy this healthy and delicious Semolina pudding!

Ingredients :
1. Semolina - 2 small bowls ( 150 gm)
2. Sugar - As per the taste. ( 100 gm )
3. Pineapple Flavour Syrup - 3 drops
4. Fruits - Banana , Apple , Grapes atc.
5. Dry Fruits - Almonds , Cashew Nuts , Raisins etc.
6. Milk and Water or Milk, water - 150 ml. ( Boiled)

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