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Relaxing music for stress relief and anxiety


Published on 07/30/22 / In Entertainment

With this calming music, I hope you experience some quick relief from tension and fear. To add even more serenity and calm, gentle delta waves have been added. I send my best wishes for sound sleep and complete relaxation. With the help of this soothing cloud video, you can reduce anxiety and stress and find immediate calm. Take a moment to relax to this PONGU original piece of music.
Beautiful piano music that can be used as sleep music to aid in falling asleep and Meditation(1 hour, track list below).Soothing Relaxation's composer and creator says: "I am a composer from Norway and I launched this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you may come whenever you want to sit down and rest. I write music that can be classified as, for instance, calming music for yoga, study music, quiet music, lovely music, and soothing music. I work very hard at writing music because I love doing it.

We create high-quality calming sleep music, meditations, kids meditations, and sleep music at PONGU Sleep LIKE A BABY Tonight to help you unwind and perform at your best. We put all of our energy into every piece of original music, meditation music, affirmation music, and calming music we compose with the goal of producing something strong, uplifting, and beneficial to assist you every day.

We regularly update our collection of original calming music, so check back often to hear the newest songs we've written for New Age, Healing Music, Ambient Music, Calming Music Therapy, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Realxation, Self help, Sleep Music, Hypnosis, Guided meditations, Deep Relaxation, Yoga, Zen, Reiki, Affirmations, and Positive Energy Music for Deep Peace.
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Relaxing music for stress relief and anxiety , موسيقى هادئة للتأمل

Relaxing Music for Meditation, Soothing Background Music for Stress Relief, Yoga, Meditation, Sleep

Relaxing Music to fall asleep with, Sleep music for deep sleep, Relaxing piano melodies

I appreciate you listening and providing input. I am continually astounded by all of your kind support, which really motivates me to work even harder on my music. If you think my work is good, please consider subscribing and becoming a part of our community. I hope you have a good day or night.b

© Copyright:
Music composed/arranged by Pongulive.

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Doctrine 2 months ago

So soft

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Raphael2 2 months ago

Nice One

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