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Red Napier after 60 days of planting / How to increase Milk production in cows / Dairy Farming Ideas


Published on 07/27/22 / In Other

In this video lets see, Red Napier after 30 days of planting / How to grow Red Napier for Dairy Farms / Dairy Farming IdeasGood Quality Red Napier Stems available for sale at Ariyalur, TN @ 9790987145

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Super Napier from Planting to Harvesting -

Super Napier farming in Tamil -
Super Napier vs COFS 29 Sorghum Fodder,
Preparation to plant Super Napier -
How to plant Super Napier -
Super Napier grass after 30 days of planting -
How to control weeds in Super Napier farm -
How to irrigate Super Napier farm -
How to Fertilize for Super Napier grass -
Super Napier grass after 45 days of planting -
Super Napier grass after 60 days of planting -
Super Napier grass after 75 days of planting -
Super Napier grass after 90 days of planting -
Super Napier grass after 120 days of planting -
Harvesting Super Napier grass -
How to feed Dairy Animals with Super Napier -
Chaff Cutter for Super Napier fodder grass -

Pakchong 1 Super Napier farms in India. Super Napier grass comes from dairy farmers in Thailand and is best Green Grasses for Dairy Animals. It is high yielding green fodder. Super Napier contains 16 -18 percent protein. Super Napier farming is very useful as it is very fast growing and high-yielding. Super Napier cultivation yield upto 500 tons per hectare in one year. Super Napier farming in one hectare can produce enough grass to feed 50 dairy cows in one year. Super Napier is the best green fodder for cows. It is yielding green fodder for Dairy Farm. Super Napier grass seeds are planted in 3' to 3' gap row. Super Napier Fodder Grass harvesting is done at intervals of 60 to 70 days. The first Super Napier Fodder grass harvest is made three months from planting. Then succeeding harvests are every 60 to 70 days.

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