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No pantyhose | SPOKEN WORDS


Published on 07/28/22 / In Music

No Panty Hose

No way on
God's green earth
should a black woman
wear panty hose,
with beautiful
and shapely legs.
Why don't you
just let them show?

The beauty of a
black woman's legs
has nothing to hide.
Show them off
to the world
and promote a
strong Nubian pride.

It was the
White European women
who had to paint
their face,
for their men
to place them
on pedestals
and keep them
in first place.

African beauty
is an unique quality
to have on your side;
having every other
race noticing
the strength of a
strong African pride.

Why do Whites
try so hard
to get a
deep dark tan,
they won't admit
that they are
our number one fan.

my Nubian Queens,
let them be free
from the waist
down to your toes.
Don't ruin what
God blessed you with
by wearing those
damn panty hose.

Written by allthemanuneed©

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