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My Sweet Sandy | SPOKEN WORDS


Published on 07/25/22 / In Music


She exist in a world,
but it’s beyond our world,
in a place where innocence
isn’t only found in
the boys and girls.

Love flowing through her veins
like the river Nile,
can soothe the savage beast
with only her smile.

Thanking the lord
for sending her as a gift,
will hear angels singing
from a kiss from her lips.

Stars were designed
after the twinkles in her eyes,
knows nothing but the truth,
those eyes never lie.

What would the world be like
without cake or candy,
I really don’t care,
just as long
I’m with my sweet

Written by allthemanuneed©

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allthemanuneed 2 months ago

ty for taking the time to check out my work

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samira 2 months ago

Good Video

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