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Life Insurance Scams 2020 [The Biggest Scam Of All]


Published on 08/02/22 / In Finance & Living

Life insurance scams 2020 aren’t what you think they are. Life insurance scams have been targeting folks for a long time. You know you need life insurance, and in recent years, there has been kind of a battle between which type of insurance to buy, whole life insurance or term life insurance. Term insurance has been popular because it’s cheaper. But… BUYER BEWARE… you get what you pay for.

The “whole life insurance scam” press has influenced many away from whole life. But has that influence on insurance truly provided a benefit when it comes to investing for retirement? The answer is in this video.

The bottom line is simple, what is the potential outcome of how you spend your money, and how does what you do with your money impact your retirement planning?

You’ll find the answers you need in this video...
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