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I Lost A Potential Editing Client Due To Vauge Details|| Autism Vlog


Published on 09/21/22 / In Vlog

#gamingwithjazz #autismvlog
This video is about how I lost a potential editing client because they provided little details as to how they wanted their video to be. I asked for a map of what effects they wanted and were (since they wanted a highlight reel) but would not give me one. So I just guessed. I sent the clips. This person reached out on behalf of their friend who I guess doesn't have Twitter. The next day, they messaged saying their friend was concerned about the transitions (which did not come up once during the convo) and mentioned the friend was "concerned" about spending their money on "simple edits" when they chose not to give me anything so I will know what the final result should look like. All I am saying is you need to clearly communicate to your editor and give them a layout of what you want to be done to the video or a sample video with a style close to what you're looking for.

I also have a prototype video and a blog post where I clear up what I forgot to mention.
The prototype video:
Blog post:
✖ Equipment


Outro song: Music: Elektronomia - Summer Vibes

Background music:

ending stream song
Music: Elektronomia - Spirit

0:00 intro
0:09 opening statement
2:36 reading and reacting to the convo
24:26 reacting to prototype video
38:37 final thoughts
41:15 outro

Poorest performing videos for November/December:

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