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Fatherhood | SPOKEN WORDS


Published on 08/01/22 / In Music


Can you tell me
your definition
of fatherhood?
Being everything
to your child
is what I understood.

Providing all that is necessary
to raise your child,
like playing Santa
on Christmas,
to bring on a smile.

You can’t stop
at only providing
clothing and food,
teaching your child manners,
will keep them
from growing up
being rude.

By setting an example,
you must demonstrate
the loving
of your mate,
which your child
will pass on
as a positive
family trait.

If you are going
to be their
guiding light,
you must
lead them straight,
with a strong
spiritual upbringing,
will strengthen their faith.

A plus is to have
the wisdom to know
when to be stern,
but flexible enough
to compromise
without being
too firm.

Fatherhood is taught
by passing it down
through time,
but not
knowing how,
to me
is a crime.

you’re not going
to find the answers
by watching movies
made in Hollywood,
go to the library
where there’re
many books written
about fatherhood.

Written by allthemanuneed©

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