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Published on 08/07/22 / In Music


it’s important
to hear it
from you
that you
love me
no matter
what I do.

Why do you
keep me always
in the dark,
your unconditional love
should come
from your heart.

Don’t make me
feel that I’m
a torn in
your side,
when I look
for your love,
I don’t want
to be denied.

I’m not just
your one night
of pleasure.
I should be
your lifelong treasure.

Stop looking
at me
as a deduction
on your paycheck.
I’m your child,
whose life
could be a
total wreck.

You rather spend
time with your friends.
Than to embrace me
in your arms
on the weekends.

I cried
when you missed
my school play,
didn’t matter to you
that I was
down on my grades.

Why must Momma
remind you about
your support,
I’m still your child,
after the divorce.

I’m just a
young life
caught in the
with underdeveloped
I only see
all this as
a riddle.

Is it too much
to ask for
equal love
from you
and Momma,
why I must
be the pond,
in all this

Don’t force me
to take you two
to court
and ask
the judge
if I
could have a

Written by allthemanuneed©

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