SEO Reseller Panel

Make Money as an SEO Reseller!

SEO services thrive on freelance marketplace platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, SeoClerk, KWork, and forums. New SEO experts seem to appear out of nowhere. The bulk of SEO services are just resellers who utilize panels and programs like Sharree.

Why wouldn’t you want to resell Sharree’s SEO services? They’re digital goods with no overhead expenses, and you can upsell the services by 300% or more. The benefit of being an SEO reseller is that we do the work and you keep the profit.

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On-Site Chat Support

Our agents are available to help if you have any questions before or during your reselling process.

Affordable Prices

Prices of our SEO services are affordable. This means you can upsell them to clients for a good profit.

Easy-to-use Panel

You’ll have access to our panel where you’ll be able to place and track your client’s orders.

Bulk Orders

We allow you to submit bulk orders to make handling large orders easier.

Delivery Tracking

You’ll be able to track your client’s orders, see when they’re in progress and when they’ve been completed.

SMM & API Compatible

Compatible with SMM Panel scripts like SmartPanel and SmartStore. We also allow APIs to make reselling automatic.

SEO Reseller Services We Offer

We offer a variety of SEO services. These services include backlinks, link building, guest posts, forum profiles, blog comments, wiki links, link pyramids, high DA links, EDU and GOV links, and more. All our services are at affordable prices, so you can upsell them for a reasonable profit. We’ve listed our services and their prices below.

How to Become an SEO Reseller

To begin buying our SEO services on behalf of your customers, you’ll first need to register an account. With a Sharree account, you’ll have access to our SEO reseller program, where you can make orders, follow their delivery, and get the finished report.

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After that, here’s the steps to becoming an SEO reseller:

  1. Start your own digital marketing agency.
  2. Upsell our products on your website.
  3. The customer makes a purchase.
  4. You send the customer’s order to us.
  5. We’ll do the work.
  6. You send the completed report to your customer.

We do not include any branding in the reports you’ll be sending to your clients. This way, you appear as an independent agency. In the end, we do the work, you keep the profit, and your client receives the completed SEO work.


How long does delivery take?
Completion and delivery takes 3-5 days

How do I start reselling SEO services?
To start reselling, you’ll need to set up your own sales page. When a client places an order, you can send that order to us. Once the order is completed, we’ll send you a report and you can send that to your client as proof of completion.

Where can I resell SEO services?
Set up your own web store and market it. You can cold call or email businesses. There are also various freelance platforms you can use to resell our SEO services. These freelance platforms include: Fiverr, Upwork, SeoClerk, and KWork.

Do you offer refunds?
We offer refunds if we’re unable to complete the work.

How do you deliver the report?
When we mark your order as completed, we will update the link field in your order details with a link to your completed SEO report document.