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Sharree Rules
Sharree Rules & Guidelines

It is important to read the rules and get an understanding of what is and what is NOT allowed in the Sharree community. Rules are important as they keep the community clean, safe, and fun for all. We would hate to lose a member but failing to follow Sharree's rules may result in a warning or possibly a ban, making it vital to have a confident understanding of Sharree's rules.

Once you've read the rules and have a confident understanding, you may click the "Continue" button at this bottom of this page. If in the future you wish to come back to the rules page, you can click the "Rules" link in the bottom footer.

Shares That Are NOT Allowed
  • Sharing free downloads for cracked/stolen paid software
  • Sharing something that is racist, pornographic, sexual, illegal, or considered hate content
  • Sharing something with clickbait or sexualized thumbnail
  • Sharing something that breaks any of Sharree's rules listed below
  Posting any of the above will result in the removal of your share and may result in higher action depending on the seriousness. Pinned share will receive same punishment with NO refund.

Spamming NOT Allowed
  • Spamming links or your content around the board is not allowed
  • Repeating the same message in multiple posts is not allowed
  • Making low quality comments to achieve the 3 daily post rule is not allowed

Begging and Exchanging is NOT Allowed
  • Begging users to subscribe to your channel
  • Begging users to follow your social pages
  • Begging users to check out your channel, video, song, stream, site, or other content
  • Begging users in any way
  • Exchanging subscribers (sub4sub), likes, comments, follows, or any similar exchanges
  • Exchanging, buying or asking for Hearts. Hearts are earned, if a user likes you they'll give a Heart, do NOT force them to do so.
  Sharree aims to have a genuine community making real-conversations. We recommend being active and growing a genuine fanbase by making quality postings, supporting and helping other who in return will do the same for you.

Comments That Are NOT ALLOWED
  • Jibberish comments such as "fesbdhbdf diuwbnfwc"
  • Low quality effortless posts such as "cool vid bro"
  • Spam/link spamming comments
  • Sub4sub/sub begging comments
  • Bullying/harassing other members
  • Racist comments
  • Commenting the same post in multiple videos/threads
  • Discuss/post illegal activities/content (warez, hacks, drugs, etc.)
  • Post or link to porn, gore, or shock site material etc.
  • Posting links to viruses or other malicious content
  • Posting ANY personal information/pictures about ANY member without his/her permission.

Hosting A Contest
  • Hosting a fake contests is NOT allowed
  • Creating a contest that deceives users for your own gain is NOT allowed
  • Forcing users to like, subscribe, follow, view, etc as a requirement is NOT allowed (Making it optional choice IS allowed however)
  • Giving cracked/stolen items or softwares as prize is NOT allowed
  • Contests considered unethical or obscene will NOT be allowed
  • Contests which break any of our other site rules will NOT be allowed

Misc. Rules
  • Staff decisions are final. Do not question staff actions
  • Sell/giveaway phished/cracked accounts/content
  • Share or sell your Sharree account
  • Impersonate Staff Members
  • Slandering, defaming or spreading misinformation about Sharree or its staff
  • Misuse the report system (constantly reporting posts that clearly do not break a rule)
  • Post threads under the wrong section
  • Creating Sharree clone sites or stealing site's assets
  • Spamming/advertising a similar or competing site
  • Purchases of Sharree services/products are final and non-refundable
  • Heart system may NOT be abused by giving a user repeated heart-breaks

Sharree is built around a community mind-set where small content creators come together and help one another by viewing each other’s shared content, giving helpful advice/tips, offering feedback, and working as a team to achieve the common goal of fan growth. Sharree is NOT a place to spam your links or beg for views, followers and subscribers. By clicking the button below you acknowledge this statement and the rules listed above.

Please read the rules for 60 more seconds