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What is the Least Competetive YouTube Niche in 2023?

When launching a new YouTube channel, it is critical to choose a niche that is not too competitive. A non-competitive niche will have less competition, which means greater opportunity for new channels to flourish. However, it’s worth noting that less competitive niches may have fewer viewers and hence fewer income options. Here are some less competitive categories for new YouTube channels to consider:

How-to and DIY

Because it is not very competitive, the how-to and DIY niche is an excellent choice for new channels. There are several things to pick from, including cooking, home renovation, gardening, and crafts. This specialty is popular among viewers who want to learn how to do things for themselves.


Another less competitive category for new channels is travel. It’s a vast subject that spans anything from low-cost trips to luxurious getaways. This niche might be a wonderful alternative for new channels since it is not extremely crowded and there are several approaches to it.

Personal vlogging

Although personal vlogging has grown in popularity in recent years, it is still a very uncompetitive market. It is an excellent choice for new channels since it enables artists to share their everyday lives, experiences, and views with their audience. This niche is popular with viewers who want relevant material and a personal connection with the authors. You can read our article about launching a successful vlogging channel here.

Niche hobbies

Another less competitive niche for new channels is niche hobbies. Model building, knitting, woodworking, and other specialist pursuits are examples of this. This niche could be an excellent fit for new channels because it allows artists to share their hobbies and interests with a specific audience.

Local content

Creating material about your hometown might be an excellent strategy to target a less competitive niche. local cuisine, culture, events, and businesses, for example. This is a terrific niche for new channels since it enables artists to share their local expertise and interact with their community.

Conclusion to what is the least competetive YouTube niche

It’s important to note that although certain niches may not be as lucrative as others, such as gaming or beauty, they may be excellent options for new channels trying to establish themselves and develop their following. While picking a less competitive niche is vital, it is not the sole element in a channel’s success. A channel’s success also depends on good content, consistency, interaction with the audience, and good marketing.