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List of YouTube Video Ideas and Niches to Get You Inspired

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This article includes a long list of YouTube niche and video ideas to help inspire your first or next video.

It's not always easy to come up with brilliant ideas for YouTube videos. Even the most well-known and skilled YouTubers have creative block. If you spend too long not knowing what niche or video concept to tackle next, It can seriously slow down your upload schedule and cause your audience to lose interest. This guide is for amateur or experienced YouTuber. Whether you're a beginner who hasn't yet published your first video or an experienced YouTuber who believes they have exhausted all of their creative energy, there may still be some creativity left. You can still be creative, as this article will demonstrate. Every YouTuber eventually runs into a creative block, but all you need is a bit of inspiration. Maybe this post will help you find new video ideas, topics, and niches for your upcoming upload. Below is a list of 50 niche video ideas that’ll hopefully get you inspired.


Video Ideas & Niche List

  1. Animated Stories
  2. ASMR
  3. Baby videos
  4. Behind The Scene
  5. Book Review
  6. Celebrity Gossip
  7. City Tours
  8. Comedy
  9. Comic & Superhero
  10. Cooking Videos
  11. DIY Crafts
  12. Daily Vlogging
  13. Dance tutorials
  14. Dash & Security Cams
  15. Destructing Things
  16. Digital Marketing & Blogging
  17. Drawing & sketching tutorials
  18. Educational Channel
  19. Fail Compilations
  20. Fashion & Style Tips
  21. Food & Restaurant Reviews
  22. Gameplay
  23. Gardening Tips & Tricks
  24. Haircare & Hairstyle Ideas
  25. Health & Fitness Tips
  26. Helpful Software & Apps
  27. Horror Videos
  28. How to Create Videos
  29. Interview and ask me anything
  30. Life Hacks
  31. Lifestyle Advice
  32. Magic Tricks
  33. Makeup & Beauty
  34. Motivational & Inspirational Videos
  35. Music instrument tutorials
  36. Parody
  37. Pets & animals
  38. Prank & Spoof
  39. Reenact videos
  40. Sports
  41. Tech & Gadget Reviews
  42. Timelapse
  43. Top Lists
  44. Trailer and Movie Reactions
  45. Travel Vlogging
  46. Unboxing
  47. Video Game Guides
  48. Video Game Essays
  49. Video Game Reviews
  50. Viral Challenges
  51. World or Local News
  52. Yoga


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