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How to Get Famous on YouTube - Easy Step Guide

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This article is a simple guide to becoming famous on YouTube. Answering how to properly start a channel and how to promote your videos.

A popular belief is that it is no longer possible to launch a YouTube channel since all the YouTubers have already been established. Although it's uncommon to become a YouTube celebrity immediately, it doesn't mean you can't become successful; it will simply take time. You intend to launch a YouTube channel. After all, it's fun, it’s a hobby, and it has the potential to make you an online celebrity. How to get popular on YouTube is the more important question you'll have after starting your channel. To respond to this query, you must first set the groundwork for a successful channel. You might waste a lot of time and money if you don't understand these steps as a beginner.


Choosing a Niche

The YouTube niche you choose is a significant one. If your material is interesting to viewers, viewers will consider your channel's general concept. Finding a niche may be challenging. You should pick a topic that appeals to you, has a decent sized audience, and little or a manageable level of competition. Here are a few examples of niches:

  • Gaming
  • Vlogging
  • Spots
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Health and Food
  • Makeup and Fashion
  • ASMR and Relaxation
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • and a lot more


Planning and Creating Videos

Finding ideas for your YouTube channel and new, original material that can match the buzz created by your first few videos may be more difficult. But doesn’t panic, even well-known YouTube artists occasionally experience the same issue of writer (video) block. The trick is to constantly be on the lookout for inspiration. Make a list of your thoughts. Look at other videos in your niche, and then adapt their concepts to fit your own style. Consider producing videos to educate people on subjects you've always wanted to learn about. They may have similar questions as you do. One thing to consider is How-To videos as the question of “How” to do things is a popular keyword and search term in search engines.


Promoting Your Channel & Videos

You've now uploaded your first video to your channel and published it. What's next? The viewing and subscriber statistics rarely ever change on their own in the start. You must promote both your YouTube channel and your videos. There are many ways to do it, but we'll focus on free ones as getting personal finance for your channel at first may be difficult. When it comes to getting material in front of real people, social media has tremendous power.

One way to do this is by embedding your material on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. You may share snippet clips of your videos with redirect links to the full versions on YouTube on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You can also try promoting your videos on Sharree is a video directory that lets you share and promote your videos on the platform for free. You can simply import your video onto the platform by signing up and pasting your YouTube video link. By promoting your videos on Sharree, it allows Sharree members and visitors to discover and see your videos. Promoting your videos is one of the most important steps in your journey to fame. You’ll need to get your videos in the public to gain an audience and see your channel grow.


Don't Compare Yourself to Others!

As a beginner, you should make a point of concentrating only on your channel and content creation. Avoid comparing yourself to others since doing so would definitely demotivate you. You'll probably use excuses like "This is taking too long," "This person is growing quicker than me," and "nobody is going to watch my videos" to talk yourself out of your desire to become an influencer or YouTuber. Recognize that this is a journey, and that you will need to exercise patience along the way. As long as you have fun and persevere, success will come.


Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success on YouTube. This is true in many facets of life, and YouTube is no exception to its relevance. Regular video production is a lot of work, but the payoff increases with effort. Being a well-known or prosperous influencer takes work, especially in the beginning. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. Consistency may also be seen as practice towards becoming an expert in your field. Progress comes through practice. The more videos you produce, the more adept you get with the camera. You grow better at editing videos the more you do it. Making an upload schedule may be beneficial since it provides you structure and informs your audience of when you'll post next, allowing them to visit your channel for the newest content at the appropriate time. The more videos you publish online, the more probable it is that someone may find one in search results. Each new viewer has the potential to become a loyal subscriber.



This article covers a straightforward method for producing content by going over the subsequent steps: selecting a channel theme, planning videos, having confidence, promoting channels and videos, and being consistent. In other articles, we go over more sophisticated measures you can take to make your material more discoverable, such using keywords and search engine optimization. This article is meant to hammer the value of consistency as well as patience and how those two values can lead to fame. Your visibility on YouTube and Google rankings will grow as a result of regular (consistent) uploads, increasing the likelihood that viewers will find your channel and videos. Getting your videos seen by people is perhaps the most crucial stage to become famous because your fame cannot exist without a growing, devoted audience. In regards to getting your videos seen, we discussed how to promote videos for free utilizing Sharree and popular social networking sites.

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