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  none of my sharee views counted on YT

by Incognito Critics - 06-28-2020
are discussing this
Incognito Critics BOOST  
06-28-2020, 12:01 AM
Since I have pinned one of my videos on here it has gotten nearly 60 views however on YT that it only has 14 views and this has been pinned for a few days, this means none of the sharee views are being registered on youtube doesnt it?

Yoni Arousement BOOST  
06-28-2020, 12:08 AM
Views on the Sharree share are separate from the actual YouTube videos. You can spike the share views by simply using an auto refresher. According to my YouTube analytics on External traffic sources, views from Sharree seem to rarely count towards the amount of views on the YouTube videos.
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Incognito Critics BOOST  
06-28-2020, 06:28 AM
Hi, I have set it to play outside of sharee and direct to YT, I paid for it to be pinned for no reason because not one view counted, I got the same amount of views as my unpinned videos which I didn't even share on sharee, both videos where released on the same day too. I absolutely regret paying for the pinned share since it hasn't increase my view in YT video by even 1, and it opens direct to YT

Wally ADMIN  
06-28-2020, 04:45 PM
@Incognito Critics BOOST It's possible people are closing the tab before being redirected to YouTube. As long as the user plays the video then the view will count on YouTube. If you are unhappy we can issue a refund. Please send your PayPal email to [email protected] so we can issue the refund.

Incognito Critics BOOST  
06-28-2020, 07:44 PM
Thank you for replying, I am going to send a email.

Wally ADMIN  
06-28-2020, 08:13 PM
@Incognito Critics BOOST No problem. A refund was issued.

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