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  advice needed

by NITT Brainwrek Singapore - 04-10-2020
are discussing this
NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST  
04-10-2020, 05:59 AM
Hi is there anyone who can help answer this....

Suppose I'm doing videos to talk about a policitian (say Trump) and I use some of the snippets from other videos to explain what he did, even if it's just a second or two, am I infringing copyright?>

Then how did the youtubers who do reaction to singers videos get away  with it>

04-13-2020, 11:08 AM (Edited)
Fair use in YouTube
This guide should explain it better
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Death in Heels  
04-13-2020, 12:26 PM (Edited)
@NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST I'm gonna be real here; the Youtube copyright system is a crock of ****. Fair use covers using clips in a sufficiently transformative manner, either to explain something or to add enough that it becomes something different.

But whether or not these rules get enforced fairly depends almost entirely on how much influence you have on the platform. You might use something and it might be completely fair use but if someone like WMG or even a bigger Youtuber doesn't like it, that won't matter and you'll be struck down. Alternatively, we see huge Youtubers downright stealing things and adding nothing transformative and they get away with it (one person in particular is getting a lot of attention for doing that right now).

It's less about copyright infringement and more about reading the room, as it stands, unfortunately.

I'd also advise extreme caution if appealing a claim or strike; the system is so broken that in order to do so, you have to provide all of your personal, real life details WHICH THEN GET FORWARDED TO THE PERSON WHO MADE THE CLAIM. One person admitted to filing claims against hundreds of channels JUST to get their dox.
And in the end, there is no mediator unless you yourself get a lawyer. The person who filed the claim decides and if they decide you're still wrong, you can actually get a Strike simply for appealing.


Yeah, it's crap, I know.

Yoni Arousement BOOST  
04-13-2020, 08:03 PM
Just recently, I received a nonsense copyright claim on one of my Streets of Rage 2 videos.
I love Doraemon and sometimes create small games in Game Maker.


Death in Heels  
04-13-2020, 08:47 PM
@Yoni Arousement BOOST I got blocked worldwide by WMG for using the JoJo meme.

NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST  
04-14-2020, 09:21 AM
@ZAFuzzy BOOST Thank you that is good advice

04-14-2020, 12:16 PM
@NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST Death in Heels gives some really good advice tho, I also take chances by using copyright music, but fair use is a tricky one
When is a good time to spam or beg? Never

NITT Brainwrek Singapore BOOST  
04-16-2020, 03:04 PM
yes. suppose we do guess the song type of videos, we might have stepped on the bomb

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