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  Youtube Tips You Need For A Successful Channel | More Views And Subscribers

Posted by Moments_online
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Moments_online    07-11-2020, 04:32 AM (Edited)
The year is 2020 in case this slipped your mind [just trying to be funny], and youtube has moved from being a platform for view count to a platform for average view duration (this means the number of views on a video divided by the watch duration); with lots of bigger channels bringing in lots of views everyday, now youtube is popular enough and no longer need views but view duration which is quality watch time from viewers and viewers leaving the platform happy, educated and satisfied which will end up bringing them back. If your video is able to achieve this, then it's good news for your channel's popularity and ranking on google and youtube(this leads to more views, subscribersmonetization,ads revenue and sponsors

Planning for your videos is very important, there is a reason seasonal/series movies and animes(if you are into asian cartoons and animations) can keep you watching one episode after the other and that is because it is scripted, entertaining and educative(sometimes

Getting your videos to directly link to the next will keep viewers on your channel for hours watching one video after the other while increasing watch time and average view duration.

An example of creating youtube videos in a series/seasonal form for a gaming channel is taking a video game say sonic adventure dx  (I am a sonic fun) and playing two levels of the game in every video, this will mean level one and two for the first video with a catchy title (don't forget to use the game you are playing in your title) and a good description of the video while using seo and how you beat the obstacles(because gamers would like to know how you beat each level in case they are stuck in that level) also in the same description leave a link to your next video which will be level three and four of the same game with a call-to-action subscription link of your channel. In the comments leave an interesting, fun or informative comment or something only gamers of the game will get and pin that comment. Now keep doing this for each video all the while informing your viewers of what they should expect in the next video and making the video fun with video edits, after put them all in one playlist after the game is completed (or break them up as you see fit if the game is too long) and write a description for the playlist, something informative and interesting like ( A playlist of sonic adventure dx tackling two levels in each video with amazing gameplays and lots of fun moments, you are welcome to venture with me on this exciting journey) and leave a link to download the game if only it is free (whoever gets into your playlist will find something he/she can be apart of) all the while increasing watch time and ranking for both your playlist and videos. Do this for all your video game gameplays, change is necessary when your viewers ask for it; listen to them they are the ones watching the videos. 

For cooking channels this can also be done, an example would be let's take a cooking channel if you would like to have a series/seasonal form then create videos around a specific food; if rice, then make different types of rice dishes(thus if you are going for continental dishes) but for local create videos on the local rice dishes(with each video focusing on a specific rice dish) create a playlist for rice dishes and embedded the videos on rice dishes in the playlist, with each video linking to the next rice dish video both in description and your youtube cards, a call-to - action to subscribe and what the next video will be about. Make the playlist title short, easy to search for and interesting for example (local variety rice dishes and write a good and interesting description) for example ( journey into [name of channel-Mama's kitchen] mama's kitchen of amazing variety of rice dishes you can taste and smell, [even from the video] (this is me trying to be funny). Do this for all variety of dishes from soup dishes to breakfast dishes etc. And your channel videos will be watched like a seasonal movie while increasing watch time and average view duration and gaining subscribers.

Use tags that are specific to your niche eg. #gamplays for games #cooking for dishes #gamedev #tutorial etc, use VidIQ and TubeBuddy youtube SEO tools to help with that. 

After all this, it is time to post outside youtube share your videos/playlist on social media platforms and groups  Facebook(create a page) , Instagram(create an account), Pinterest(pin your videos), Website/Blogs[either free or owned] (embed your videos) with guides and descriptions, Reddit(share your videos pls follow each sub-reddit rules), Tumblr (embed post regularly), [i]Quora(answer questions about your niche and leave your video or channel link), Tiktok (make short, fun, interesting or informative videos on your niche), Twitter(twit about your released videos on youtube with relevant tags like #youtube #stayhome #gamedev #cooking... use at most three revelant tags for more reach or use as many as you would like) [/i]

For all these platforms be active and follow other creators and like their post to build your name, link back to your youtube and get your viewers from these platforms to check out your youtube channel.

Collaborate with other creators of the same niche with slightly higher or low subscriber level and embed each others videos(don't do this when your channel is less than 100 subscribers) gain a little popularity and trust from your audience first otherwise one channel will end up taking the other channels subscribers.

Post quality, interesting, informativefun videos and use your channels logo or name in your videos. Reply to comments regularly and pin comments from your viewers. Be exciting in your videos that brightens up your viewers mood(I know not everyone can be exciting) but have fun with YouTube and share your video on other platforms like sharree.

Be consistent with every sharing and social platform. 

Do giveaways; share rewards relevant to your niche and viewers and not necessarily expensive. 

Have posting times on youtube to get time for other platforms/blog/website and build hype for your next video in your channels group page(facebook, reddit, discord, telegram etc).

Subscribe to YouTubeCreators to get more information on major changes about the platform to be on your A game.

Practice With all these; and success will find you and your channel. Patient is key every niche has it's season.
Views and subscribers will be the least of your problems, rather how to satisfy your ever growing audience will be the problem. 

Good Luck YouTubers

I make video game development tutorials with open source game engines (active game engine is gdevelop:- best for beginner game developers, indiegame dev's and professional developers (no code or programming language needed) check me out.

I hope this was helpful? 

Rhys Love    07-11-2020, 07:40 AM
Thank you I found that very helpful and I will start my YouTube channel knowing more on what to do

SPASMODIC    07-11-2020, 11:21 AM
@Moments_online Thank you for taking the time to write this! I appreciate this and will try and use these tips in the development of my channel!!

Qnetik Gaming    09-01-2020, 07:23 AM
@Moments_online can you help me.on youtube channel i newly created my channel

TamStar BOOST    09-04-2020, 11:30 AM
i read the beggining before
a: My eyes hurt
b: too long for lazy me
3: I got a lot mor emotivatioan jfrom it
THANK YOU!! Big Grin

asma    09-06-2020, 08:07 AM
Thank you for the explanation. As I'm concentrating on my cooking genre, your explanation is really going to help me. I ll try this strategy too.

Moments_online    09-06-2020, 08:34 AM (Edited)
@HeavenlyNeveah glad that was helpful

@Qnetik Gaming what help do you need to be exact

@Spasmodic Edits best of luck

Chunky Panda    09-06-2020, 12:21 PM
@Moments_online Bruh did you actually type all this??
ngl my science textbook has less words than this XD

I will read this now!!

SPASMODIC    09-15-2020, 09:44 AM
@Moments_online Thank you and to you as well my friend. Good luck

Splitknightable    10-06-2020, 01:05 PM
@Moments_online what if you can not share videos outside of youtube beacuse of saftey reasons?
and are there tips for being a anime youtuber? (i do gacha videos)