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by Spadezz937 - 04-24-2020
are discussing this
04-24-2020, 11:39 PM
why cant i promote my music ?


04-25-2020, 06:50 AM
you can post a link for your music or even a video, but they have certain rules to be followed. Please check the rules and proceed accordingly.

ryan STAFF  
04-25-2020, 09:58 AM
Is there something preventing you from sharing a video/audio link such as an error message or are you asking how to share something on the site?

Death in Heels  
04-25-2020, 10:15 AM
@Spadezz937 Are you referring to the Boost feature?

pony cup  
04-26-2020, 01:48 AM
yeah its difficult. so pla do hep me

Wally ADMIN  
04-26-2020, 08:51 PM (Edited)
Both of you need to give more details if you want support.

@Spadezz937 Are you receiving an error? What exactly is preventing you from promoting?
@pony cup What is difficult and what do you need help with?

04-27-2020, 02:30 AM
Sharing and promoting your content is easy on Sharree.
Just create a New Share >> create a compelling title about the video or content >> select what type of content is that you are sharing >> select category >> enter some tags that will help others to find your content and click on share.
Please note that Sharree doesn't allow same link to be shared across website again and again.

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