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  YouTube live streaming

by ZAFuzzy - 04-14-2019
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04-14-2019, 04:10 AM
So this week Thursday I decided to stream Apex Legends as I had no video available and it was actually a great experience

The stream ran super smooth with 0.4% dropped frames for the 4 hours and 36 minutes I was streaming, usually I average around 8% for an 5 hour stream on Twitch, keep in mind that I have to use 4G LTE as my main connection as my DSL is stupid slow and I don't have any faster option than 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload

I also noticed that it drove a bit more traffic to my channel even after the stream, getting more video views and the best part is, that 1 stream made my watch time go way higher as someone was 'lurking' during the stream

In general I prefer Twitch streaming over YouTube streaming, as an affiliate, I have custom sub badges, custom emotes and even more emotes with the BTTV plugin, I also already made more money from streaming to Twitch and never made anything above $5 on YouTube and got demonetized because of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subs reasons, but YouTube live streaming has the custom thumbnail and much smoother streams and better quality, my brother could watch the stream with his horrible internet connection, 3.8 Mpbs download, 0.8 Mbps upload where he would complain that the Twitch stream is buffering a lot even at 480p, he was not the one lurking, he joined me later on to play Apex Legends with me

This gave me an idea, stream to YouTube at least once a week and it should increase my watch time, hopefully also get more of my videos recommended, thought I would share it here, try out YouTube streaming, it might just help your gaming channel
I can edit videos too! :Poggers:

04-14-2019, 06:30 PM
I think YouTube live streaming is just getting bigger and bigger. The question is, will it prevail like Twitch has? It might be a good idea to get in at the get go, but also a risk if it dies down.

04-15-2019, 03:56 AM
@Colamonium Yeah, this is why I won't drop my Twitch channel to stream only to YouTube, I think one time a week stream to YouTube is not a bad idea, will try it out for a few months and see how it goes
I can edit videos too! :Poggers: