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  YouTube audio library any good?

by ZAFuzzy - 08-19-2018
are discussing this
Mardax BOOST  
07-17-2020, 03:41 AM
The most safest option to use YT music library, they add some songs from time to time and entire library is massive and there is plenty of VFX sounds too. You just need to spend some time to do research for what is best for you.
I had experience with "non copyrighted music" - I got one song from small band to my Cosplay music video, and like few months ago it was copyrighted because band signed contracts etc.
Welcome & enjoy if you like Tech and Gaming!

c09ff BOOST  
07-17-2020, 04:03 AM
@Mardax BOOST - Its good enough for background music and mostly Irish free since its by YouTube itself. I think luck is also a factor. But for now and for free, it's by far the best option.
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07-17-2020, 05:51 PM
Youtube Audio Library has some great collections. I use most of these audios for my videos. I love them and I recommend them 100%

Anthony Hewitt  

08-01-2020, 03:21 AM
I couldn't find anything I got 2 copyright but it didnt effect my video being shown

Laughter Space  
08-01-2020, 12:16 PM
Hi all. few days back while searching for certain music, I have found this channel might be helpful for you 'Copyright Free Music - for Creators'.This channel includes noncopyright loop video also with music

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