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This YouTube Video is pinned by nikkukuu
08-15-2019, 01:36 AM
nice beat all depends on how you incorporate it with the lyrics


08-15-2019, 01:51 AM


08-15-2019, 03:10 PM
Nice video. keep up the amazing work

Alex Music  
08-15-2019, 08:09 PM
Great beat! Very smooooth

Yesterday, 04:46 AM
My channel isn't really about music, and I don't really watch these types of videos, but these beats are awesome, and way better then anything I can make with music, I like this, are you going to add lyrics?

lito hood gamer  
Yesterday, 05:33 AM
yeee really good beats broo i lovit


Yesterday, 07:26 AM
lo que mas me ha gustado es el ritmo sigue asi


Yesterday, 08:16 AM
nice. beat is tight. sounds a little empty to me, but good work

Yesterday, 11:39 AM
This beat is straight fireee. Sick beat dude, keep it up!