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The Power Of Self-Respect And Self-Love (Most Important Relationship Ever)

from Dating Savior BOOST

In this video I am going to teach you the benefits of having an amazing relationship with YOURSELF, how thinking positively about yourself have such a huge impact on how you function on a day to day life.

Due to social conditioning and social standards set by society, we feel that we have to act a certain way or we have to look a certain way in order to get accepted by society has ultimately fed us with constant negative emotions. NEGATIVE emotions cause nervous system CHAOS, whereas POSITIVE emotions brings nervous system into ALIGNMENT. Sometimes, we get so caught up into constantly helping others that we forget to treat ourselves, it is extremely important to feed POSITIVE energy into our minds as much as possible. Negative energy is a standard and would always be around, we have to bring in as much positive energy as possible, if we don’t, negative energy would ultimately compound overtime and would cause stress. In this video, I will show you some techniques you can use to create self love, be more self sufficient and not having to always rely on others to reach your life goals, your life worthiness, and your self love.

The MOST important relationship you will EVER have is YOURSELF! Remember that! Without a strong relationship with yourself, it would be incredibly difficult for you to gain self worth and without self worth, you will never be in a healthy relationship.


#1: First, I will explain WHY it is important to feed positive energy into our minds by staying present to the moment, living in the here and now. And also by raising your higher vibration energy – I will explain exactly how a higher vibration energy looks like.

#2: I will teach you some techniques you can use today and apply them to create more self love and self value.

#3: Finally, I want to ask you this question. DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF OR NOT? If the answer is YES, that’s fantastic and I want you to keep it up. If the answer is NO, Please apply some of these techniques I share with you in this video TODAY and put them into action. You will not see results without taking actual ACTION.

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11-14-2020, 01:10 AM

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