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Anime Nemx  
03-11-2019, 09:38 AM
yeah, can't wait to watch My Hero Academia and One Punch Man

03-11-2019, 09:58 PM
lol yeah the new my hero is going to be good =)


03-14-2019, 08:28 PM
I agree with your list. Also, you should check Kaguya-sama, it may not be an action anime but it's one of the best comedy animes for years.


03-19-2019, 04:03 PM
nice video i make animations too and draw too you wanna check it out

04-05-2019, 05:19 PM
I'm looking forward to attack on titan as well. The new arc is going to be incredible!

05-22-2019, 06:51 PM (Edited)
@StarKiller I will definitely add it to, what seems to be my never-ending list of anime lol =)

@tevich For sure I would love to get into animation I just don't have the workspace to bring out my Wacom and start drawing again lol =) PM the link I will def check it out.

@Duplexime Yes AoT never disappoints but im super excited for Vinland saga it's being made by the same studio as Attack on Titan so its going to be very well animated!