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Benjamin VlogZ  
03-12-2019, 08:10 PM
No! I really enjoyed your content! Why quit youtube? Youtube is a form of self-expression. Be yourself

Legit_Dinosaur BOOST  
03-12-2019, 09:26 PM
Oven status! man I was on the ground!
I feel ya iv found days where its like "oh okay I posted today but what does it do me?"
Centre yourself do it your style!
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Chris Vlogs1 BOOST  
03-17-2019, 02:03 AM (Edited)
@Benjamin VlogZ im not quiting just moving back to 1 upload per week to focus on school ill never quit

@Legit_Dinosaur BOOST i made this desision because youtube is not my job and i needed to focus on school and youtube so its kinda touch to balance both but im still uploading weekly so be sure to subscribe and thanks for the feedback

Legit_Dinosaur BOOST  
03-17-2019, 04:11 AM
@Chris Vlogs1 BOOST not a problem at all yo!
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APowersLife BOOST  
03-17-2019, 03:23 PM
Hope you can keep it up! Wink

Chris Vlogs1 BOOST  
03-17-2019, 08:22 PM
@APowersLife BOOST thanks for watching i really appreciate it be sure to subscribe as we are uploading weekly videos!!!