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03-05-2019, 01:20 PM
Very interesting, really changes your perspective on a few things.

ThisisJoshO BOOST  
03-05-2019, 01:54 PM
@stephenpoye Thank you stephen! i appreciate you!

Carl Marx Visuals  
03-05-2019, 02:15 PM
Indeed an eye opener. Thanks


03-05-2019, 02:39 PM
Chevere video ?????????????


03-05-2019, 05:16 PM
excelente información y buen vídeo


03-05-2019, 07:31 PM
thrice - i can relate man. Good vid - only improvement would be to use a mic.


03-05-2019, 09:32 PM
I understand where you are coming from and the message was very real. But using a mic would definitely improve your video.


03-05-2019, 09:39 PM
Insane video, really an eye opener.

03-06-2019, 02:53 AM
You're not wrong tho! intresting.