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This YouTube Video is pinned by danielsgaminghd
Yesterday, 09:39 AM (Edited)
I still haven't played this game, but too lazy to go get it xD
So real talk now, were you scared?

Yesterday, 11:28 AM
@TheDrawGee Yeah its an awesome game so far, every detail that went in to this game is unbelievable and yes i was genuinely scared, especially in the dark hallways when you know something is gonna happen but your unsure of what lol. :-)


Yesterday, 11:42 AM
This is scaring but really amazing game.


Yesterday, 12:00 PM
yup it is a scary game lol

Yesterday, 12:02 PM
@pverma scary and Amazing so far, Thanks for commenting :-)

Yesterday, 12:19 PM
love this game loved playing it back in my childhood Keep up the awesome work.

Yesterday, 12:21 PM
buen video bro gua el mejor que susto me dio

Yesterday, 12:28 PM (Edited)
@Thorpy yeah i remember it being released on the ps1 back in the 90's sadly never got to play the original, but happy im playing this version. thanks very much :-)

@luiseduardo123 Thankyou Bro :-)

Yesterday, 12:37 PM
@danielsgaminghd yeah i played the original after 2 i have always enjoyed the RE Series.