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01-26-2019, 10:03 AM
Nice video!!!! Keep up the good work. Hope you will make more videos in future as well.

Viable Solutions  
01-26-2019, 10:57 AM
Im trying to get to 1000 subs its soooooooo hard Sad


01-27-2019, 07:54 AM
Ohaa soo gut pro gute viedio mache so weiter

01-27-2019, 08:13 AM (Edited)
wow nice happy new year have a nice time

wow nice happy new year have a nice time

Mercury and Gold BOOST  
01-27-2019, 05:28 PM (Edited)
@Aye renee Thank you we all need subscribers it is so hard to get I will subscribe you if you got channel and you can to me too so we can support

@Viable Solutions I agree hopefully we can support each other I gave you heart!!!

@don3149 wow amazing comment gave you heart. It is on 1400 now but subscribers so hard to get

Viable Solutions  
01-28-2019, 12:05 AM (Edited)
@Mercury and Gold BOOSTA subscriber would be more useful than a heart....Hahahaha...Thank you for the heart. Hopefully we can grow together Smile You should Plumbus I'm sure there will videos that you will like on the channel Wink

Mercury and Gold BOOST  
01-28-2019, 02:59 PM
@Viable Solutions no worries what is your channel??? please let me know

01-28-2019, 03:17 PM
GREAT video keep up the good work i like it

01-28-2019, 05:37 PM
Nice! Keep up the amazing work! ^_^

Gawd Sqaud  

01-28-2019, 05:53 PM
congrats o 1000 subs bro that pretty good

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