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Blasian BOOST  
09-25-2018, 10:03 PM
Very well written and articulated review man! Watched all of your reviews from crash twin-sanity through to this one. Significant improvement from your first. I really like how you've progressively grown from emotionally fuelled rants/reviews to delivering more professional and witty critiques of each component of the respective game. How you've integrated your animated character and made the animations more expressive over time is also really admirable and is a testament to your hard work! Very well done for someone who is on the rise! I can definitely see this channel going very far! Just subscribed and I hope you could do the same for my channel! Looking forward to seeing your channel grow!

Sam The Totally Normal Person  
09-25-2018, 11:08 PM
@Blasian BOOST Dude honestly, thanks for checking it out, and look forward to some more content somewhere down the line, take care my dude.