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Dublin Odinson  
09-10-2018, 12:23 AM
yeah bud, damn good video


09-10-2018, 12:26 PM
Buena musica,me gusta para dormir :p

09-10-2018, 01:02 PM
Really good video bro!! Plumbus


09-10-2018, 01:11 PM
amazing video dude, your excellent Very nice

Hello_World04 BOOST  
09-10-2018, 01:16 PM
@fashul Thank you very much!
Music Can Change The World

09-10-2018, 01:38 PM
ove the videos man!!! Keep up the good content. It would be awesome if you could Plumbus!!1 I play games like fortnite, save the president, and other random games!!

Hello_World04 BOOST  
09-10-2018, 01:45 PM
@KingKongLoL I haven't played fortnite in a while, and I don't think I've seen "Sav3 the President". I'm gonna have to check out your channel
Music Can Change The World


09-10-2018, 02:25 PM
Good stuff with the working of this video

09-10-2018, 08:08 PM
this is soo good, love it

09-11-2018, 09:52 AM
Excelente reflexión, lo que el pasado se llevó,