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12-04-2016, 05:40 PM
I think your opinions on this are really valid. I wish YouTube could fix this soon!

PureRaven BOOST  
12-18-2016, 03:46 AM (Edited)
I was wondering about this! I didn't think they were just burns.
I stopped "that" about a year ago too. I didn't do it much because I saw the ramifications quickly. EDIT: I had to put "that" in because saying a specific word combo blocks it automatically so I hope you know what I am trying to say.

Holy crap! I was just unsubed from you too!

12-18-2016, 06:52 AM
this really does help explain a lot of what has been happening.

Thelv videos  
01-17-2017, 02:25 PM (Edited)
@IcyDraconite thank you so much, glad I could help clarify!

@PureRaven BOOST thanks! jeez they are trying to take away everyone haha

04-02-2017, 12:49 AM
YouTube also does this thing where they go and delete all of the inactive, fake accounts etc. And I was unsubscribed from a channel I watched regularly.