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Bad JuJu  
11-03-2018, 05:06 PM
How is this game I really want to get it

11-03-2018, 05:35 PM
Good video, except I can hardly hear you!!!

T_Hydro BOOST  
11-03-2018, 06:02 PM
@AmateurYAreader i should of never lower the volume of the audio I thought it was too loud


11-03-2018, 06:11 PM
dope video man keep it up the audio was low but still dope

T_Hydro BOOST  
11-03-2018, 06:22 PM
@melomelo thanks man I’m glad you still enjoyed the video

11-03-2018, 07:33 PM
good video i liked watching it i will wach some more

T_Hydro BOOST  
11-03-2018, 07:34 PM
@SomeRandomName I’m glad you enjoy it man

11-03-2018, 07:49 PM
Nice job bro. You already know about the audio, so no worries there. Keep it up!

T_Hydro BOOST  
11-03-2018, 08:41 PM
@RandomDan yeah man I will fix the audio on ep.3