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03-12-2019, 06:13 AM
maravillas me gusta este video k lindo


03-12-2019, 10:51 PM
yo that's actually tuff keep up the good wirk

03-13-2019, 12:10 AM
HXH is a great anime and it's just really cool

03-14-2019, 12:20 AM
HXH is definitely in my top 10 anime. And I watch a'lot of anime lol. I hope the series will continue but I'm not sure if it will.
Umbrahawk Gaming

CestGabeM BOOST  
03-14-2019, 12:45 AM
I haven't really watched Hunter x Hunter, will definitely pick it up!

03-14-2019, 02:21 PM
Follow me on Minds:


03-14-2019, 04:44 PM
I think one of the reasons is the author. Constant hiatus of the manga doesn't help its recognition.


03-14-2019, 05:18 PM
Hey man good vid keep up the good work

MightyFlux BOOST  
03-14-2019, 06:54 PM (Edited)
@wa2342k Muchas Gracias Amigo Me alegro que te Gusto =)

@STATIC2X Thanks bud i will try to keep it up =)

@CrazyReaperGaming YEs very underrated glad you enjoyed it!

@UMBRAHAWK BOOST Yes I hope so to, and where the manga continues it gets so much better as well with the dark continent lol Appreciate the view glad you enjoyed it!

@CestGabeM BOOST You should its a slow start but if you stick with it , you wont regret it =)

@martmiguel That's awesome I'm glad you enjoyed it and I think it's picking up more traction but remember the anime is from the 90's and it's now that people are actually starting to see it more and it's blowing up a bit but only cause it was remade in 2011. I personally feel its a bit underrated compared to the likes of other big shonen anime like bleach one piece and naruto =)

@StarKiller Omg yes I agree but I think its funding as well the manga has a production quality of the likes of naruto bleach and one piece but probably has less than half the budget. I wish it had more support and it would probably be such a great manga/anime!

@VTX11 Thanks Appreciate it, man I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@Will Brigham lol yeah I really like Hisoka as well it's not bad, I really like the villains so much and i also hold the anime in high regards. Thanks for the view bud appreciate it

@MrCEZERE A Thanks bud yes HxH is one of my all-time favorite anime as well such a good series , im glad you enjoyed the video thanks so much for the view =)