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08-02-2018, 05:16 PM
That's a nice bird and you have a great pencil skills
great tutorial

Purpose Driven Lifestyle  
09-11-2018, 06:36 PM
Wow, you have some really good drawing skills and your shading/contrasting is on point! How long did it take you to actually draw that & what brand/type of pencils did you use? I actually just subscribed to your channel & if you could, would you be so kind as to return the favor. Thanks & keep up the good work!

09-11-2018, 08:09 PM
The bird looks so cute aww You're drawing skills are amazing!

09-12-2018, 10:52 PM
Very nice bird your a skillful artist.

David Wang BOOST  
09-22-2018, 11:08 AM (Edited)
@djarodney Thank you appreciated, you keep me motivated!

@Purpose Driven Lifestyle Thank you appreciated, you keep me motivated! This took me a bit more than 2 weeks with few hours a day, I don't really have choices with brand faber castell, staedler or no brand graphite pencils, ranging from 2H - 8B.

@Deishi Thank you appreciated, glad you like it lol

Thank you appreciated, you're too kind.

02-10-2019, 03:14 PM
Great Video 5 STARS! could you Plumbus elismart13 i try my absolute best to make good videos and it would be highly appreciated if you checked out my channel and commented what you thought of my Trailer Smile elismart13 on Youtube!

02-10-2019, 03:26 PM
great video! I really love your genuine content!


02-10-2019, 04:22 PM
That's amazing! You are very talented


02-10-2019, 04:27 PM
some sick artwork there, good job