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04-10-2019, 10:08 AM
Damn, this video is long.
I've been using TubeBuddy for 4-5 days now and I have to say their suggestions are top notch!
You've given me some tips I didn't realize were possible, thanks a lot!

04-10-2019, 10:53 AM
@Deinfinite Great, i am happy to know you've learned something new.

04-10-2019, 02:34 PM
Great video, i think im going to have to get TB

04-10-2019, 08:17 PM
@myke33t Happy to know you wanna give it a go. You can get a free copy of the extension from the description of the video

04-11-2019, 04:03 AM
good video, keep it up ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


04-11-2019, 06:14 AM
Great video, I have been using the tool for years now, I'd definitely try out the tips.also why is the extension not on opera.


04-11-2019, 07:11 AM
nice head phones and a great smile


04-11-2019, 07:12 AM
I really enjoy watching this video very nice one

04-11-2019, 09:50 AM
Helpful video I got 50 extra views using it