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Wally ADMIN  
12-24-2015, 05:06 PM
Hey there GamingHappens,
First of all I'd like to thank you for sharing your video on Sharree.

Remember that we may be a promotional tool but we are also a community. Don't forget to interact with other users and view what others have shared.

By showing interest in other people's work, they'll show an interest in yours.

06-12-2016, 08:51 AM
Great stream watched the whole thing was so interesting keep it up!!!!

06-20-2016, 08:42 PM
Cool video! I like it, keep up the good work!

06-21-2016, 01:14 AM
(06-20-2016, 08:42 PM)Serkasm1 Wrote: Cool video! I like it, keep up the good work!

Thanks <3