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Ghost of Tsushima [walkthrough part 8] | Heavenly Strike and even a spare or two.

from King Pigley BOOST

Let's play Ghost of Tsushima! Are you ready to go in search of the legendary Heavenly Strike?? I hope so, however, it turns out that Jin isn't the only person interested in learning the deadly Heavenly Strike technique . Mongols roam like lions. They look to devour all of Japan, but with the mastery of the Heavenly Strike just maybe Jin can turn the tide of this invasion! Get ready for bloody combat and a serious duel. The fight for the island of Tsushima has just begun, but without the proper training Jin wont stand a chance! Here comes a hard fight as we continue with Ghost of Tsushima today on Gaming Imperfectly! Thanks for watching everyone! If you enjoyed this video, please smash that subscribe button and hit the bell so you wont miss the next video right here on the most imperfect channel on Youtube!!

08-07-2020, 08:33 AM

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