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03-11-2019, 04:29 AM
Ohhh muy buen video me gusto demasiado like

InkySquid BOOST  
03-11-2019, 04:41 AM
@theking1007pty Muchas gracias, lo aprecio mi hombre Smile

03-11-2019, 12:10 PM
Great stuff, you're hilarious XD

InkySquid BOOST  
03-12-2019, 05:46 AM
@Mrtez300 Hey man, thats the best compliment yet! i'll check out your channel later!

03-13-2019, 06:51 AM
wow !! i like your video keep it up!


03-13-2019, 06:51 AM
Hilarious bruh! More videos please


03-13-2019, 11:21 AM (Edited)
What did I just watch? lmao... This is very cool!

CestGabeM BOOST  
03-14-2019, 10:22 AM
Everybody else can go home, this H.P. Lovecraft horror got bars!

InkySquid BOOST  
03-15-2019, 05:34 AM
@CestGabeM BOOST haha thanks my man, appreciate!