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SaberCaliburn BOOST  
05-07-2019, 07:00 PM
@renegadeenigma Depends how well DMC does for the switch, in a business standpoint if the first one does very well then one can only assume all of them are coming out for the switch, however if it doesnt' then they'll waste their time and just move on to the next project. This can go both ways and tbh I think to me the only way I see it doing well is if they add some new stuff to the game where switch players can experience something that no one experience before in all console release. So idk we'll see, it could do well though possibly.

05-08-2019, 11:08 AM
@SaberCaliburn BOOST yeah I thought that too hopefully it's good and they add some cool features like you said

SaberCaliburn BOOST  
05-08-2019, 12:06 PM
@renegadeenigma yeah, but it's not like anything else will change I mean basically it's the same story. The only thing I want right now from capcom is a new dlc for dmc, but if not then I just want a new game either resident evil 3 remake or resident evil 8. Prefer resident evil 3 remake more but we'll see. haha

05-10-2019, 08:30 AM
@SaberCaliburn BOOST yo can you imagine how crazy re re 3 remake would be 2 was crazy enough lol

SaberCaliburn BOOST  
05-10-2019, 11:56 PM
@renegadeenigma REsident evil 3 remake will be just amazing tbh I loved the classic re 3 for ps1 and I played it couple of times but this time imagine what opportunities they can do by making it a very hard game where nemesis follows you throughout the game lol

05-11-2019, 10:18 AM
@SaberCaliburn BOOST yeah that's gonna be crazy I personally loved code Veronica too I think I'm in the minority in that though kinda hope they remake that too eventually

SaberCaliburn BOOST  
05-11-2019, 06:08 PM
@renegadeenigma Yeah Code Veronica has a chance to getting a remastered more than a remake tbh but I wouldn't mind them remaking it too