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03-17-2019, 10:41 PM
I agree put everyone is trying to grow their channels


03-18-2019, 01:13 AM
I love boba! Nice video, hope you feel ok!

03-18-2019, 01:28 AM
@Caliz19 hahahaha thanks! i made a FULL recovery.

The Living Search  
03-18-2019, 04:38 PM
i feel like id be stuck on the toilet forever


03-18-2019, 05:20 PM
dope thumbnail whatd you use to make it?

03-18-2019, 05:31 PM (Edited)
@The Living Search hahahaha it actually didn't make my stomach hurt!

@UNDERATED2K adobe photoshop!

03-19-2019, 01:31 PM
sharree are scammers! i just wanted to tell you that @All and btw nice video + i wanted to ask you if i can refund my boost rank.. i bought it just yesterday so..

03-19-2019, 05:27 PM
How did you survive that men that's not healthy

Dieumerci Zongwe  

03-19-2019, 05:49 PM
i am cold are you i am in chicago