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MG Playz  

10-06-2018, 06:10 PM
Remind me not to enter your battlefield!

Matias Salguero  

10-06-2018, 07:50 PM
Necesito probar ese juego

10-06-2018, 08:03 PM
I can't wait till this game is out I didn't really like the Blackout part but I like the mulitplayer part

10-06-2018, 08:58 PM
nice bro, keep up the great work

mods af3  

10-06-2018, 09:13 PM
me gustaria tenerlo en mi pc

10-07-2018, 02:54 AM
Holy cow dude! Your awesome at this game. I like the music as well!

Legendary Sannin Gaming BOOST  
10-08-2018, 07:55 AM
@LORD_ORiGiNALz WHAT???!!!! The blackout is the best part XD

10-08-2018, 08:02 AM
Great video! Keep up the good work


10-08-2018, 09:17 AM
nice bro, keep up the great work