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  They've changed the guidelines what do you think ?

by Zcorepanda - 03-05-2019
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Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-05-2019, 08:37 PM
They've made new changes to the guidelines and strikes tell me what you think?
it's a new video named [color=var(--ytd-video-primary-info-renderer-title-color, var(--yt-spec-text-primary))]Changes to Community Guidelines strikes – Burning Questions [/color]

03-06-2019, 04:50 AM
It's a nice change, a good change, the old system from 2010 was confusing for most, these changes should make it much more clear why you got a strike against your channel and what you should not do the next time you upload a video or do a live stream
I can edit videos too! :Poggers:

03-06-2019, 07:23 PM
I haven't seen a video on the new rules, what are they? I mean a video didn't pop up in my feed.

Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-07-2019, 08:46 AM (Edited)
@aaliyahholt Basically Theve made the rules more clear and given us a one off for strikes so if we get striked from now on we have a one off the video gets taken down but no strike but thats only a one time thing look up on yt "changed to community guidelines strikes" and theres a video explaining everything

@FallenHD BOOST It is a good change especially the one off rule but they still need to change some things such as punishing users for false reports etc

03-07-2019, 10:17 AM
@Zcorepanda BOOST mate, a ton of things need to happen, if YouTube was run by more professional people, logan paul would of killed his channel with that suicide forest vlog video and never be able to ever create a new channel or get his old channel back, not put on the trending section, content creators should not get their videos hit with 'limited or no ads running' when the viewers is leaving toxic comments, spammers should get a strike against their channels and if they keep doing it, a temp ban and eventually a permanent ban, there is a lot of things wrong with YouTube, but it's nice to see some good changes are added for a change
I can edit videos too! :Poggers:

Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-07-2019, 12:25 PM
@FallenHD BOOST Yeah you make really good points the current CEO (forgot her name) just cares about the money at this point so its no surprise logan still has his channel

03-10-2019, 03:40 AM
Agree mate, she is a meme at the moment 'Feeling cute, might demonetize later'
I honestly gave up on the idea of growing a channel, not gonna worry about growth anymore and just enjoy the editing of videos, it was never about the money for me, most my videos have copyright music and I will never be able to monetize it, will also be streaming more to Twitch
I can edit videos too! :Poggers:

03-11-2019, 12:24 AM
@Zcorepanda BOOST Oh alright. So strikes go away if you delete the offending video? Just to clarify.

Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-12-2019, 07:47 PM (Edited)
@aaliyahholt I don't think so i think you get a 1 off so basically if you get a strike the very first time it wont actully be a strike more of a warning but they will take the video down since the update if you've had previous strikes then you will still get a one off if you get striked again (does not work for copyright strikes)

@FallenHD BOOST Honestly i only care about growth as im a really small channel and (From what im told) i do make good funny content so id really like to reach more people so i can entertain/make them happy. My youtube wont ever be about money or anything I just want to cheer people up if they are having a bad day is all :3

Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-21-2019, 05:34 PM
@FallenHD BOOST Fair enough I don't even know how to feel about growth anymore might just start focusing on videos more :3