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    Suggestion Guidelines

by Valken - 06-23-2016
are discussing this

06-23-2016, 03:53 AM (Edited)
[Image: b5lUHfk.png]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Suggestion
-Is this a site necessity?
-How will this benefit Sharree and its community?
-Has this been suggested before?

Creating Your Suggestion
Begin by thinking of a new feature (or an improvement to a current feature) that could be implemented by the staff. It has to be something reasonable and not overly complex or overdone by numerous other MyBB sites and we definitely don't want to copycat, so try to be as original as possible. Then on a sheet of paper or on a new document type out the pros and cons. If there are more benefits to your idea than drawbacks you might want to consider posting your suggestion. If there are more drawbacks, you should rethink and revise your idea and repeat the pros and cons list.

If you're suggesting that a new shares category or discussions forum be added you might want to take a few things into account;
-Is there a demand for this right now?
-Has anyone else made this suggestion before?
-Is there a forum already like this on the site?
-Is this forum for others or just me?
-Does it abide by the discussion rules?
*Sharree isn't just about you, it's about everyone and doing what's best for the community.*

Posting Your Suggestion
Creating a Title → Let's begin by entering an appropriate thread subject or title for your suggestion. For Pete's sake, don't use the title "Suggestion" or "Read Here" as these are generic, boring, and they don't help in generating support for your idea. Be clear and concise with your title. If you think the staff should add the ability to play music on your profile, then maybe your title should be "Music on Profile" or "Playlist on Profile" as these are straight to the point and tell everyone what your idea is without even reading your thread.

Post Content → Now that you have a title, you're going to want to list out all the benefits of adding your idea as this is what will convince Sharians to support your thinking. Typing out paragraphs upon paragraphs of filler isn't going to make your suggestion any better than a member who uses a simple bullet list; this is why it's important to be clear and concise of what you want added or changed on Sharree.

Reviewing your Post → Finally, before clicking the 'Post Thread' button, make sure you've reviewed your thread numerous times. This includes checking your spelling and grammar as you want your thread to look as professional as possible when presenting it to the site staff and community. Now is also a great time to add graphics or formatted text to help convay your message! When you clicked on this thread, the things that caught your eye and that you ended up reading were planned right from the beginning. The use of bold and colored text help make keywords stand out while images and graphics give a visual appeal to the entire discussion that draws the audience in to read more. *Notice - Keywords, not every single word.

Summary (TL;DR)
-Use the Search feature before posting a suggestion, it's there for a reason.
-Be original.
-Use a prominent title for your idea.
-Be clear and concise when posting.
-Be professional.
-Review your thread before posting.

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