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  Massive Free Royalty Free Music Playlists

by Joolsdveye - 07-29-2018
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07-29-2018, 01:49 AM
Hey everyone, 

I have two huge playlists to share with you for Free Royalty Free Music. 

The first is a SoundCloud playlist I have been adding to. It's up to 210 tracks at the moment and growing.
You can see that here : (www) (dot)

The next is another playlist on YouTube with over 100 places to get free music.
You can see that here : (www) (dot)

Just a note here, some of the tracks have dot com overlay tracks, but I have found that if you download the track with a SoundCloud downloader you can then edit in any music editor. If the track says it's free royalty free it's fine and I have done this on several occasions with out any copy right claims. I do also provide a link to the tracks I use.  

I don't think you'll find a bigger resource for free music anywhere else.  Big Grin