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by ryan - 02-06-2017
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ryan STAFF  
02-06-2017, 10:05 PM (Edited)
Hey guys,

We've noticed a lot of people are creating threads asking for advice in the YouTube Discussion section. This section is more meant for discussions about YouTube, for example, what kinds of videos you enjoy watching not for asking others for advice on how you can improve your channel. We actually have a specific section for questions like this called "Give Me Advice" where you can ask for any advice you can think of such as honest critiquing, feedback, or advice from the community about your channel, videos, graphics, or other content.

We've been trying to move threads into the correct section however, if this continues to be an issue, we're going to just start deleting the threads without any warning.

tldr: if you're looking for advice about your channel use the "Give Me Advice" Section not YouTube Discussions


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