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  In need of some advice

by GhostBGone - 02-06-2019
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GhostBGone BOOST  
02-06-2019, 06:52 PM
Hello, i am in some need of advice for my channel. I really want to take it seriously, ive recently(a couple of months ago) moved to another country for college and i have had it hard to get into the swing of things, i see people doing other content that i'm also interested but i'm afraid of people thinking i'm just jumping onto "whats hot" and not something i enjoy doing. Should i just continue to do what i think is best or go in another direction to help my channel, even though its not exposed or anything. I do appreciate the advice i get from here, haven't been here in along time, thank you very much for the advice.


02-09-2019, 10:46 AM
Always go with what you do best and what you are interested in. Dont be afraid of what others think as not everyone like everything and youll always get detractors in whatever you do.

GhostBGone BOOST  
02-11-2019, 02:01 PM
@bongo ok, i will keep that in mind, in the beginning i did montages because i wanted to get better at editing but someone commented "why is this all you do" and that's when it went all done hill there(wont lie they weren't great either lol).


02-11-2019, 08:55 PM
@GhostBGone BOOST No problem, thanks for the reply, i went and looked at your channel.

It was hard to look at some of the thumbnails, they seemed to hurt my eyes??? like a page of blue on white thumbs up? change that for something attractive, no one looks at the mona lisa because shes a mass of likes, you get me? A lot of people buy books because of the cover and your thumbnail is your cover. A picture speaks a thousand words etc.

More tags, a lot more, use up all the 500 characters. Your latest video is gameplay of destiny 2?
So tags would be
'Destiny 2'
'Playing Destiny 2'
'Playing Destiny 2 on PC'
'Destiny 2 gameplay'
'Destiny 2 competition'
'Destiny 2 Twitch'
'Destiny 2 Competitive'

Im no game expert so those are my quick suggestions knowing fuck all about this game or platform. You need more like this, your tags need to be the words that people are more than likely to be typing in to the search bars so that the search engine will find them.

Turn the description into more of a diary of the video/activity, an update of your life and gameplay. What you hoped to achieve and whats likely to happen in the future. Tips and helpful insights for your viewers, your real community will read this and get benefit from it meaning they are more than likely to come back.
The first two sentences in the description is key, youll want to mirror the title and reinforce the keywords for good SEO. Dont waste words with 'in this video I am playing' go straight in with ' Awesome Destiny 2 comp, Epic kill streak and single player gameplay action, working hard as a team in room and level clearing.' as an example, youll want to tweak that to what is going on but maximize the keywords you are targetting.

I normally hit about 2000 characters on the description.

This is the hard work, the boring bits, but a very important and essential part of building a good channel.

I had a video go viral this week, its an old one and a bit fucked, many comments of 'idiot', 'hillbilly' etc. I give zero fucks for them but thanks for the interaction fuckwits as it helps my yt ranking. One of youtubes problems is that people are anonymous and think they can say whatever they want, youll also find that most of these fuckwits dont have a single video on their sad channels. Rise above and beyond it.

GhostBGone BOOST  
02-12-2019, 05:45 PM
@bongo ok, i will definitely tone down the stuff i do on my thumbnails, they used to be very simplistic but i will try to keep the style for to me, on the topic about the tags i always thought that using to much would have been bad but now that i know i must utilize this a lot more i definitely will also, the description....never had any structure for me lol and that will change. Thanks for putting a lot more effort into looking at what i could improve on @bongo . i highly appreciate that. Have a good one Smile

Eccentric Nature  
02-18-2019, 10:31 AM
I agree with Bongo, the thumbnails need a lot of work. The best one is the Jade Rabbit Laser Beam Catalyst one.
There's also always different niches to exploit. So if you have something different you want to tackle or can take something done in a new way, that's all fine too.

Michael McRock BOOST  
02-27-2019, 02:03 AM
@bongo pretty much hit the nail on the head. Maximize SEO, Advertise as much as you can, and stick to what you enjoy. Cause if you love what you do, you will do the job 10x better than a person who doesn't love what they do. That applies to real life aswell.
If you need more help or support or anything from me, you can contact me on my public discord server, or message me directly (McRock#7306)! Smile
(Directions to my Discord; Click on the website icon, and at the bottom of the website should be the public discord)
- Michael McRock (Founder/Chairman of MC Offices)