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  If youre new you can't just ask for subs despite what the youtube videos show you...

by Zcorepanda - 03-22-2019
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Zcorepanda BOOST  
03-22-2019, 11:36 AM
If youre new you can't just ask for subs despite what the youtube videos show you...
You should actually become a member of the community istead of spamming I learnt the hard way so just dont.
This is a lovley site so feel free to find new creators and so on :3

TurnItUpWorld BOOST  
03-23-2019, 01:46 AM
This is really great advice. I find that being proactive within the community and sharing tips and advice is the best way to gain true subscribers and sometimes even friendships. Great post.


03-25-2019, 05:42 PM
It doesnt take long for people to start taking the piss and posting whatever shit they want wherever they think is ok. This is what you get on a forum with a lack of active moderation even when reports are sent in.

03-26-2019, 02:50 AM
Yeah, I'm not sure why people think it would work, if you ask for subs, expect to get those 'Plumbus' or 'support 4 support' type of subscribers, basically you will always have less than 100 views and always less than 4000 hours of watch time
I can edit videos too! :Poggers:

03-26-2019, 04:54 PM
I agree Personally I feel it didn't use to be a problem most people didn't beg for subs, however with the rise of twitch and everyone trying to emulate said users the younger generation figures that is just how its done. making it turn into an epidemic of Plumbus or spamming.

03-28-2019, 02:14 PM
@Zcorepanda BOOST very good advice. I hate that people are expecting everyone to just come to their channel and subscribe. Engage with people and form a community and get people to genuinely want to watch your content rather than just getting subscribers just to attain certain numbers.

03-30-2019, 04:01 AM
Exactly you have to interact with the community first

03-30-2019, 01:26 PM
Good always reconcile a very beautiful channel to match with the best wish success and Tawfiq

wackywiller BOOST  
03-30-2019, 04:13 PM
omg what the heck am I doing here.

04-01-2019, 12:43 PM
begging for subs is a bad idea.The numbers might be there and you might get some subs out of it but long term will those people watch your content?.